/Thousands of mourners assemble outside George Floyds private funeral

Thousands of mourners assemble outside George Floyds private funeral

Saturday’s 3 p.m. funeral for George Floyd will be a private, friends and family service at a North Carolina conference center — but mourners numbering in the thousands have been gathering outside for hours beforehand.

Chants of “black power” and “no justice, no peace” rang out as the hearse bearing Floyd’s coffin arrived at around 9 a.m., according to NBC affiliate WRAL in Raleigh.

The funeral will be attended by some 125 mourners in a conference center in Raeford, Hoke County, where Floyd’s sister, Bridgett Floyd, lives.

It’s part of a series of events marking Floyd’s life and his significance in galvanizing national protests against racial inequality and police brutality.

“The memorial is about the life that Mr. George Floyd lived, and this is a time to embrace the family with expressions of love and kindness,” Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin urged in a Facebook statement.


Floyd’s Memorial Day death under the knee of white officer Derek Chauvin has prompted mostly peaceful demonstrations since late May.

But in New York, protests have been marred by incidents of looting and of caught-on-camera police brutality.

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