/Biden asked how he would support young Black voters | USA TODAY

Biden asked how he would support young Black voters | USA TODAY

Former Vice President Joe Biden was questioned by a young Black voter at his ABC town hall about what he can do differently than former presidents.
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Cedric, a Black progressive voter from Harrisburg, Penn., pointedly asked how Biden would turn out young Black voters under 30, other than saying “you ain’t Black,” a reference to a previous comment Biden made. Cedric noted that he is part of a crucial voting bloc Democrats need to show up to the polls, adding that young Black voters aren’t going to vote for Trump but they are weighing whether to vote at all.

Biden gave a stem-winder response, saying he will give more funding to historically black colleges and universities, as well as to Title 1 schools. The former vice president also highlighted investing in Black entrepreneurs.

While Biden has the overwhelming support among Black Americans, younger voters have been more critical about supporting the former vice president.

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