/Nashville RV played Petula Clarks Downtown just before explosion – New York Post

Nashville RV played Petula Clarks Downtown just before explosion – New York Post

The RV that exploded into a massive fireball Christmas morning in downtown Nashville was playing Petula Clark’s classic pop song “Downtown” shortly before the blast shook the city, a responding cop said Sunday.

Officer James Luellen, one of the six hero cops who evacuated civilians from the area as the explosive-rigged RV blared an audio warning, recalled hearing the vehicle’s intermittent countdown change to the 1965 chart-topper.

“The music started, and I notified over the [police radio] air to notify other officers,” said Luellen, speaking alongside four of his fellow cops in a Sunday press briefing. “Then, after the song, it continued to go back to the announcement for a little while.”

Luellen said he didn’t immediately recognize the ditty but committed enough of it to memory to later ask another responder from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives about it.

“What I remembered was, ‘Downtown, where the lights shine bright,’ ” he said. “Later, the ATF agent I spoke to pulled it up, and … ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark was the specific song that was played.”

At the completion of the recorded warning to evacuate the area, the RV exploded into a hail of shrapnel and flames, obliterating parts of nearby buildings and leaving three people injured.

Suspected human remains have been found among the wreckage, and cops are investigating whether they belong to the RV’s possible owner, Anthony Quinn Warner.

Investigators are reportedly probing whether Warner, a 63-year-old computer expert, intentionally detonated the RV outside an area AT&T building — hampering local cell service — over paranoia about 5G technology and alleged government eavesdropping.

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