/Our honest review of UrbanStems, a popular online flower delivery service for fresh and dried flowers and plants

Our honest review of UrbanStems, a popular online flower delivery service for fresh and dried flowers and plants

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Giving flowers should be a simple process, yet for many people, it’s not. You might not be able to go into your local flower shop and have a bouquet made, or your florist just might not have time to put one together with such short notice. You could order one online, but you’ve heard too many horror stories of botched bouquets bought on the internet. 

Many of us here at Insider Reviews has ordered from UrbanStems to send flowers for our friends and loved ones. The service was born out of the same concerns many of us have about ordering flowers online — a lack of trust, awareness, and transparency that makes it difficult to know what we’re really getting into. UrbanStems founder Ajay Kori was fed up with sending flowers as gifts. Every experience he had doing so ended in catastrophe. Instead of giving up on the gesture altogether, Kori enlisted his college classmate to try and fix the floral industry.

What they’ve created is an easier, more affordable way to order beautiful flowers online — one that ensures your bouquets actually are delivered in time for those special moments. 

When you head over to the UrbanStems, you’ll find a small but varied selection of bouquets. UrbanStems is a member of the fewer, better camp, which is reflected in their selection — a few beautifully-crafted fresh and dried bouquets and potted plants, rather than a mass of mediocre arrangements. You’ll also find accessories like shears, and even some giftable items such as chocolate and candles. All of the flowers and plants are sourced from sustainable farms, with which UrbanStems’ in-house floral designers collaborate to create unique bouquets. With prices that start at $38, UrbanStems is a relatively affordable option as well. 

Once you’ve picked which bouquet you like, put in your desired delivery address and choose from the delivery date options listed. UrbanStems provides a calendar that shows which delivery dates are available, as well as notes when the bouquet will be back in stock if it has been sold out. UrbanStems also suggests vases that complement each bouquet, should you want to spend a little extra to send a vase as well. 

Moving to checkout is simple. UrbanStems has you sign up with your email so they can inform you of the status of your order. Then all you have to do is fill out the delivery information, and my favorite part — a cute note to go with your flowers. If you’re stumped, UrbanStems has some sweet prewritten options for you, but you can completely customize this part on your own.

UrbanStems offers nation-wide next-day delivery 

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UrbanStems bouquets can be delivered anywhere in the US — if you’re living outside of the US but want to send flowers to someone who does live here, you can do that, too. Orders need to be placed 2 p.m. before your desired delivery date and will get free next-day FedEx delivery, which can only be delivered Tuesday-Friday — something to note if you’re planning for flowers to be delivered for a specific occasion.

These quick delivery options make UrbanStems a great last-minute gifting option, but you can also use it to plan gifts far in advance. If you want to send someone flowers for their birthday in a month or order in advance of a big holiday like Valentine’s Day, you can order bouquets up to three weeks out from the current date. In fact, we’d suggest this route to minimize shipping delays during the holidays.

When your recipient receives their flowers, they’ll be packaged up in a beautiful box hiding a lovely bouquet and a sweet note from you. It’s a thoughtful and easy way to surprise someone special and make them smile. Whether it’s for your partner, sister, brother, parent, friend, or coworker, UrbanStems makes a great gift for just about any occasion.

Here’s what two of our editors have to say about UrbanStem’s service:

Sally Kaplan, senior editor: I’ve ordered and received bouquets from UrbanStems, and both experiences felt seamless and rewarding. Sending bouquets is easy; you just pick which one you want, select a vase (these cost a little extra, just so you know), and write a card to your recipient. Receiving them is even easier; just open the box, follow the instructions to care for your flowers, and, if you’re like me, pop the special note that comes with on your refrigerator door with a magnet. If you properly take care of the flowers, they’ll last for around a week or so. I got a bouquet with lots of white flowers in it, which tend to age a little faster, so mine lasted about four or five days before they started to wilt and discolor.

Ellen Hoffman, executive editor: I was looking for a new flower-delivery service a while back since my go-to, BloomThat, was acquired by FTD Companies and paused its services in September 2018. Sally recommended UrbanStems. I’ve ordered two bouquets and have found it offers a lot of the same conveniences as BloomThat, for both the person buying the flowers and the recipient. The constantly rotating, seasonal-flower selection is robust, but not overwhelming, and while the prices are on the higher end ($35 is currently the cheapest bouquet price), they’re justified by the quality you get. The flowers I’ve sent were vibrant and fresh, and more unique than what you’ll find elsewhere.

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