/US calls for joint approach towards China at NATO summit | DW News

US calls for joint approach towards China at NATO summit | DW News

Antony Blinken has told allies that the US will not force them to make “us-or-them” decisions, but called for action against aggressive Chinese behavior. He reiterated US support to its allies.
United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered a keynote speech on Wednesday addressing US ties with its allies, threats from Russia and China, and global challenges on his second day of meetings with NATO partners. He reserved his strongest words for criticism of China and called for a united position among US allies. Blinken reiterated US support for NATO, saying, “America is fully committed to NATO, including Article 5,” the mechanism that ensures mutual defense among NATO members. He called for a reinvigoration of military capabilities and readiness, including on nuclear deterrents and digital offenses. Several US administrations have called on other NATO members to increase their defense spending to an alliance target of 2% of their gross domestic product. Blinken also said global threats such as COVID-19 and climate change must play a central role in decisions. In reference to the fraying of transatlantic ties under US former President Donald Trump, Blinken acknowledged that trust in the US “has been shaken to some degree over the past few years,” and that it seemed to many that “the US has forgotten who its friends really are.” He said the new US administration would strengthen its commitment to allies and alliances.

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