/Kevin Love seems like hes had enough of this NBA season – New York Post

Kevin Love seems like hes had enough of this NBA season – New York Post

Kevin Love appears to have had enough of this season.

The Cavaliers star bizarrely and lazily slapped in an inbounds pass against the Raptors on Monday that was stolen and led to a wide-open 3-pointer by Malachi Flynn. The play turned a 76-70 lead into a nine-point advantage at the end of the third quarter, and none of his coaches or teammates seemed to have an explanation for it.

“That was unacceptable,” one source told Cleveland.com after the 112-96 loss dropped the Cavaliers to 21-40.

Love is in the second year of a four-year, $120 million contract, which has put him in purgatory during this Cavaliers rebuild since the deal is nearly impossible to trade away.

Love’s status with the team has led to frustration on several occasions this season, which perhaps reached a fever pitch on Monday. But Cavaliers coach Bernie Bickerstaff did not seem too interested in rationalizations.

“You’ll have to ask Kevin,” Bickerstaff said when asked what Love was doing at the end of the quarter. “We talked about it. He apologized to his teammates for it and we’ll move on.”

Darius Garland was the closest Cavaliers player to the, umm, pass.

“I didn’t see it,” Garland said, according to Cleveland.com. “I was trying to get my defender off me. It’s probably on social media, so when I get on the bus I’m probably (going to) look.

“Something like that happens, we just have to get on to the next play. That was just a little breakdown that he had, it was nothing serious. He got whacked on one end and he got whacked on the defensive end and they didn’t call it. He just got frustrated, that was it.”

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