/Report: Patriots aren’t expected to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo “anytime soon” – NBC Sports

Report: Patriots aren’t expected to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo “anytime soon” – NBC Sports

San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots

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A report earlier today indicated that chances of a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo tonight were “remote.” Now, comes word that if the 49ers quarterback is traded tonight, it won’t be to the Patriots.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Patriots are not expected to trade for Garoppolo “tonight or anytime soon.”

“If the two sides could even come to terms (a big if), it would take a complex contract negotiation to get it done. Simply, NE doesn’t have room to fit the contract,” Rapoport adds.

Garoppolo’s contract, which calls for a $24.1 million base salary, complicates any deal with any team. Garoppolo would have to agree to a pay cut to make any trade work.

The Patriots have been linked to Garoppolo for obvious reasons: They drafted Garoppolo and traded him to the 49ers, and they don’t have a long-term answer at the position.

The 49ers could roll the dice that A.) Garoppolo doesn’t get injured in OTAs or training camp since it would cost the team his $24.1 million base salary with nothing in return; and B.) A starting quarterback somewhere in the league is injured, leaving that team in desperate need of a proven starter.

It worked out for the Eagles in 2016 when the Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater on Aug. 30. Minnesota gave up a 2017 first-round draft choice and a conditional 2018 fourth-rounder for Sam Bradford four days later.

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