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The story behind Patriots QB Mac Jones’ legal name McCorkle – Pats Pulpit

When the New England Patriots and their first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft will set up a contract later this spring, it will not say “Mac Jones” at the top. Instead, it will say “Michael McCorkle Jones.”

Yep, that is his real name. While his bio at the University of Alabama did not mention it, both his personal website and a DUI report filed against him as a freshman in 2017 state that his name is indeed Michael McCorkle Jones.

So, what is the story behind this name.

According to an article by AL.com’s Michael Casagrande from last December, Jones’ parents, Holly and Gordon, have always intended to name him Michael McCorkle but to use a shortened version of his middle name when calling him.

“I don’t know who Michael is,” Jones himself said. “I’m Mac.”

The name McCorkle is his mother’s maiden name, and she explained why it was used as her son’s middle name even without the intention of ever actually calling him like that.

“I always hated that name because it was so long,” Holly Jones said. “But then we decided, well, my family didn’t have a boy on their side to carry on McCorkle so that would be the only McCorkle going through.”

Lo and behold, Michael McCorkle Jones was born. And now, he is the next franchise quarterback of the Patriots — trying to follow the footsteps of Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. and eventually succeed Cameron Jerrell Newton as the starter.

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