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Blood moon live: What time to see supermoon lunar eclipse and all the latest photos – The Independent

Night sky watchers across the world have been enjoying a “super flower blood moon”, a spectacular phenomenon caused by the May full moon coinciding with both the satellite being at its closest point to the Earth during its orbit – making it appear larger and brighter – and a lunar eclipse causing the moon to turn red as it drifts into our planet’s shadow.

The sight has made for extraordinary photographs from the Western United States to Sydney Harbour but, somewhat typically, amateur astronomers in the UK watching the skies from Stonehenge were left frustrated by heavy cloud cover obscuring their view.

While the supermoon is visible across the world, the partial eclipse will only be viewable in parts of the US, eastern Latin Americas and eastern regions of Russia and Asia, although it will be streamable in the UK this morning.


The lunar eclipse explained

You might find the following helpful on what we can expect to see (or rather, not see) from the eclipse this morning.

Here are those timings in GMT:

  • Penumbral eclipse begins 9.48am
  • Umbral eclipse begins 10.45am
  • Totality begins 12.11pm
  • Greatest eclipse 12.19pm
  • Totality ends 12.26pm
  • Umbral eclipse ends 1.52pm
  • Penumbral eclipse ends 2.50m

Also, here’s a second stream of the event courtesy of Lowell University in Flagstaff, Arizona, which might have better luck with the weather.

Joe Sommerlad26 May 2021 10:20


Stream the lunar eclipse live

The partial eclipse of the moon is due to take place shortly and you can follow a livestream below from Griffith Observatory on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

Joe Sommerlad26 May 2021 09:40


‘Flower moon’ lights up Bristol

While cloud cover was also a frustration in the West Country last night, the unsual brightness of the moon lighting up the night sky is there for all to see in this shot.

The ‘flower moon’ sets over Bristol

The ‘flower moon’ sets over Bristol

(Ben Birchall/PA)

Amateur astronomers were out in force in Bristol to capture the moment.

Meanwhile, this was the scene from the Trooper’s Hill nature reserve to the east of the city overlooking the River Avon.

Joe Sommerlad26 May 2021 09:25


Cloud cover thwarts ‘flower moon’ fans at Stonehenge

While the exquisitely-named “super flower blood moon” may have proven a spectacular sight across the United States, stargazers in the UK were not so lucky last night as cloud cover contrived to obscure the show in some areas.

People who travelled to Stonehenge in Wiltshire in the early hours of the morning could only see part of the larger-than-usual moon, with the rest bathed in cloud.

Stonehenge made for an incredibly atmospheric, even ghostly setting nonetheless.

The ‘flower moon’ sets over Stonehenge on 26 May 2021

(Finnbarr Webster/Getty)

Joe Sommerlad26 May 2021 08:47


How to see the ‘Blood moon’ lunar eclipse

In a rare coincidence, Wednesday’s full moon will be brighter and larger than usual, as well as appear rusty red in colour across some parts of the world due to a total lunar eclipse.

Nasa says people living in western North America, eastern Asia and western South America will have the best view of the “Blood Moon”.

Vishwam Sankaran has more details of the best time to look out for the eclipse depending on where you are in the world:

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Where will best place in Washington state to see lunar eclipse?

The National Weather Service in Seattle has told its Twitter followers where the best place for them to catch the Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse will be.

Graeme Massie26 May 2021 05:00


How will weather impact lunar eclipse watching in Seattle?

Forecasters predict if Seattle residents will be able to see Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse.

Graeme Massie26 May 2021 04:08


Will Chicago residents be able to see blood moon total eclipse

How much of eclipse will people in the Windy City see on May 26?

Graeme Massie26 May 2021 03:03


Where to see total lunar eclipse in New Zealand

When and where to see blood moon eclipse in New Zealand.

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Supermoon rises over a mosque in the Gulf emirate of Dubai

(AFP via Getty Images)

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