/Man shot next to two children in New York | TheHill – The Hill

Man shot next to two children in New York | TheHill – The Hill

Two young children narrowly missed getting hit by gunfire during a shooting on a sidewalk in New York on Thursday evening.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is asking the public for help in identifying two men involved in the incident, one of whom opened fire on another man multiple times while the victim was on the ground next to the children.

Video footage from the incident, which took place in the Bronx, shows a man running away from a gunman before falling to the ground, taking the two young children down with him. 

One of the assailants, dressed in all black with the majority of his face covered, runs up to the group and continues shooting at the man at near-point-blank range as the kids — ages 5 and 10 — scramble around him.

The victim and children try to get up and run away multiple times as the gunman continues to fire.

“Yes, those are children with the victim, who were very fortunately not injured,” the NYPD wrote in a tweet accompanying the video it released Friday. 

The victim was reportedly in stable condition as of Friday morning.

Police told local news outlet PIX 11 that the victim did not know the children, who were caught up in the gunfire as they tried to run away from the shooter.

The older girl can be seen grabbing the younger boy and shielding him in her arms towards the end of the footage as they both lie on the ground.

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