/Daytona cop-shooting suspect Othal Wallace garners praise on social media – Fox News

Daytona cop-shooting suspect Othal Wallace garners praise on social media – Fox News

Othal Wallace, the suspect in a manhunt that ended Friday morning after a Daytona, Florida, police officer was shot in the head while on duty, is garnering support on social media.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reviewed Facebook and Instagram accounts appearing to belong to Wallace, 29, that contained anti-police rhetoric, and support for the suspect is building on social media. The accounts have since been deleted.

“There’s nothing that’s been posted that we haven’t seen,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said at a Thursday press conference. He added later that “what’s been posted on social media is that this guy’s heartless.”

“His heart is pure malice. He could care less. He did that with zero remorse,” Young said of Wallace’s alleged crime and his social media presence. 

Othal Wallace mugshot. (Daytona Beach Police)

Othal Wallace mugshot. (Daytona Beach Police)

On Friday, Young announced that authorities discovered Wallace in a treehouse stocked with weapons on the property of a Black nationalist militia group called the “Not F—ing Around Coalition” or “Not F—ing Around Militia,” Young announced Saturday at a morning press conference.

Wallace appeared to be the owner of a Facebook page belonging to the militia group, the News-Journal reported.

Additionally, an Instagram account appearing to belong to Wallace and reviewed by the outlet displayed posts containing bizarre messages.


“I want y’all to know something, man. I love y’all. I want y’all to know something, man,” an unidentified man says in one video posted to the Instagram page. “I love y’all. Black power. Stay strong as a nation. Keep f—ing fighting. Move f—ing forward.”

It continued: “Don’t let these … pigs f— with you. I love y’all. Black power and shalom.”

Another June 7 Instagram post shared by the account reads, “[One] Day I Will Take Great Pride And Honor In Getting Me Some Pigs Blood On My Hands And Boots,” it reads. “I Pray Against My Enemy And Wish Death To All Who Are Oppressive To The Black Culture… Black Power !!”

Othal Wallace (Daytona Beach Police)

Othal Wallace (Daytona Beach Police)

Messages of support for Wallace have appeared across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“He’s one of ours!” one user who previously marched with Wallace, according to the News-Journal, posted on Instagram. “Everyone better support him. I’m over here sick to my stomach but I will spend every waking moment doing rituals and praying for one of my closest comrades.”

On Facebook, a user named Shaquille Stevens wrote, “I love you my brother stay strong keep your head high,” adding fist emojis, according to the outlet.


“Mad Love Bro!!” another Facebook post reviewed by the News-Journal read. “Stay strong! With all your support you should be prepared and ready to get through this!!! Love you My Brother!!”

Another Facebook user wrote: “You are protected by your ancestors.”

On Twitter, anonymous users posted messages saying, “FREE OTHAL WALLACE,” to, “Best of luck to you #OthalWallace. I’m glad someone had the courage to hit the police with their own medicine.”

One Twitter user suggested Raynor had every intention of “wrongfully arresting Wallace to begin with” after Young said Wallace was arrested with Raynor’s handcuffs on Friday morning in what seemed to be a symbol of justice for the wounded officer.

#OthalWallace will never be able to embrace or hold his beloved children again. Police stay winning lol,” write another.

Wallace has a lengthy arrest history, including for aggravated assault and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and he previously served time in a county jail, state records show. 

Footage from 26-year-old officer Jason Raynor’s body camera released by authorities shows the officer approaching the suspect, who was sitting in his car, asking him if he lives near where was parked at the time. The officer asks the suspect to sit back in the car as he starts to get out. 

“Come on man, don’t do this. Why are you asking me if I live here?” the suspect asks in the footage. The suspect struggles with Raynor, who can be heard shouting, “Stop! Stop, man!” before a shot rings out.  


The officer was found on the ground with a gunshot wound after he’d stopped responding to his radio while investigating a suspicious incident in the area, according to local reports.

Raynor remains in the hospital, but his condition is improving, Young said Saturday. The officer’s family said they are thankful for the support they have received and are asking people to keep Raynor in their prayers.

Fox News’ Brie Stimson and Stephanie Pagnones contributed to this report.

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