/7.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Haiti – CNN

7.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Haiti – CNN

Jean-Wickens Merone, a spokesperson with World Vision Haiti in Port-au-Prince, a Christian aid group that helps with humanitarian aid around the world, said he is concerned that Saturday’s massive 7.2 quake will cause further strain in Haiti as it faces other crises.

“We’re concerned that this earthquake is just one more crisis on top of what the country is already facing — including the worsening political stalemate after the president’s assassination, Covid and food insecurity,” he said.

In July, Haitian President Jovenel Moise was killed after a group of “professional killers” stormed his private residence. His assassination stunned the country and shocked regional leaders

Merone said he felt the shaking from Saturday’s quake. 

“In the beginning I didn’t think of an earthquake. I felt a shake but as it lasted more than five to ten seconds, I realized it was an earthquake. Both sides of the house was shaking. I wasn’t panicked. I realized it would take seconds to get out of house and it was best to let it pass,” Merone said.

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