/Steph Currys best shot of the night vs. Clippers didnt even count – SF Gate

Steph Currys best shot of the night vs. Clippers didnt even count – SF Gate

Steph Curry put together a remarkable performance during the Warriors’ 115-113 win over the Clippers, scoring 25 points in the first quarter alone on a perfect 9-for-9 from the field, and finishing the night with 45.

However, his most impressive shot of the night was nowhere to be found on the scoresheet once the game was all said and done.

On a fast break at the end of the third quarter, Curry chased a deflected ball out of bounds toward the Warriors bench and recovered it right as the official blew the whistle. After realizing the play was dead, Curry grabbed the ball and, in one singular motion, tossed the ball at the basket in a hook shot motion. The ball, much to the delight of the Chase Center crowd, made it into the basket.

Curry is obviously no stranger to incredible circus shots, even when it comes to shooting the ball from outside the field of play. Back when the Warriors played in Oracle Arena, the Warriors guard’s pregame routine became must-watch entertainment for attending crowds to see him make shots all the way from the tunnel leading into the team locker room

Once the team moved homes, there was concern at first that the trick shots would come to a disappointing end as the angles at Chase Center didn’t give Curry the same opportunities to provide his pregame entertainment. Not only did he figure out how to bring back those shots, it seems he’s expanded his arsenal of entertainment, as he showed on Thursday

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