/First Alert: Drastic Weather Shift Expected to Bring Snow in Winter Storm – NBC 10 Philadelphia

First Alert: Drastic Weather Shift Expected to Bring Snow in Winter Storm – NBC 10 Philadelphia

A drastic weather change is in store for the greater Philadelphia region, with a winter storm possibly dumping snow in some neighborhoods Monday morning.

The NBC10 First Alert Weather team has issued a First Alert between 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday for Philadelphia, Delaware, South Jersey and the Jersey Shore due to the chance of at-times heavy snow and a moderate threat of coastal flooding.

Neighborhoods north of Philadelphia could get about an inch of snow or less, Philadelphia is expected to get 1-2 inches, parts of South Jersey and central Delaware could get 2-6 inches and southern Delaware through to coastal New Jersey neighborhoods could get 6 or more inches.

A graphic of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. It shows bands of snow totals. North of Philadelphia is 0-1 inch, Philadelphia is 1-2 inches, central Delaware and South Jersey are 2-6 inches and the coast is 6-plus inches


A winter storm is expected to dump snow over the region Monday.

This storm has been evolving rapidly, and the snow totals forecast will need to be adjusted. Some areas south could end up with higher totals, and a sharp cutoff to little or no snow is expected near the I-95 corridor. These details will be fine-tuned through Sunday afternoon.

Warm roads from Sunday’s 60-degree temperatures will allow for the initial overnight snow to melt, but as intensity picks up Monday morning, accumulation is expected to begin over the southern half of the region. The heaviest snow is expected to fall in the morning, so commuters need to be extra careful on the roads to avoid crashes, or they should work from home if possible to avoid potentially dangerous conditions.

While temperatures have been above normal over the last week, people should also prepare for a 30-degree drop by Monday morning, with highs reaching the low-30 degrees. In addition, winds gusting between 25-30 mph will make things feel like the teens and 20s.

The forecast shifted dramatically from 24 hours ago, due to the track of this storm. It may yet shift again. To stay aware of the changes and receive important weather alerts, make sure to download the free NBC10 app and watch our meteorologists’ forecasts on all platforms.

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