/USA: Ex-VP Mike Pence hits back at Donald Trump over election | DW News

USA: Ex-VP Mike Pence hits back at Donald Trump over election | DW News

Former US Vice President Mike Pence has hit back against his ex-boss. Donald Trump’s been claiming that Pence could’ve overturned the 2020 presidential election result – but Pence now says that’s wrong. It’s a rare voice of dissent within the Republican party – which has refused to distance itself from un-substantiated claims the election was rigged.
The invasion that shocked the US. On January 6 last year, supporters of Donald Trump, stormed the Capitol building, spurred on by his claim that he lost the election because of fraud.
Inside, a joint session of Congress was counting the electoral college votes. Outgoing vice president Mike Pence played the traditionally ceremonial role of presiding over the session.
But the mob outside believed Pence could do more. Trump, today, still thinks so.
Pence has now publicly contradicted that assertion. But with the next election more than two years away, it is clear who has the upper hand in the party.
Republicans have moved to punish two of their own – Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger for their roles in Democrat-led Congressional investigation into the Capitol storming.
Yet another sign of the grip Donald Trump still holds in the Republican party and his lingering influence within American politics.

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