/US warns Russia could invade Ukraine 'at any time' | DW News

US warns Russia could invade Ukraine 'at any time' | DW News

The Biden administration is sounding the alarm over a potential Russian incursion into Ukraine, saying the risk is “now high enough, the threat is immediate enough.” Moscow denies having any plans to invade, but with more than 100,000 troops stationed near Ukraine’s border, and a ramp-up in military drills, Western allies are worried an attack is imminent. US President Joe Biden is due to speak with Russia’s Vladimir Putin later today, in the hope of averting all-out war.
Moscow has announced sweeping drills in the Black and Azov seas in the coming days and closed large areas for commercial shipping, drawing strong protests from Ukraine on Thursday. NATO has condemned the move, and the US is urging all of its citizens to leave Ukraine.
Russia’s Ministry of Defense released footage of navy ships arriving in Sevastopol Bay on the Black Sea, in the Russian-annexed Crimean Peninsula.
The United States wants its citizens out of harm’s way immediately. President Joe Biden has urged all Americans to leave Ukraine.
While civilians pack up, tanks and troops are coming in the other direction: Around a thousand US soldiers arrived in Poland to add to the 4,000 service members already stationed there.
And on Romania’s Black Sea coast, a thousand-strong strike force rolled in from a US base in Germany.
NATO’s Secretary-General was there when they arrived. He spoke of the importance of boots on the ground as a deterrent to Russia’s military build-up, which he called “unjustified.”
Although the US hasn’t sent ground forces to Ukraine, it continues to supply weapons to the beleaguered country – part of a $200 million security package meant to keep this crisis from escalating into an outright conflict.

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