/NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls to remove all homeless encampments | USA TODAY

NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls to remove all homeless encampments | USA TODAY

Mayor Adams calls to remove homeless encampments from NYC, but advocates say it won’t help.

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Since the shootings in New York and Washington, Adams has vowed to tear down encampments throughout the city where unhoused people have been living, drawing harsh criticism including from Jacquelyn Simone, the policy director at the Coalition for the Homeless, who said in a statement, “Mayor Adams is demonstrating his lack of understanding of unsheltered homeless New Yorkers.”

However, as part of his subway safety plan, Adams on Tuesday also announced the opening of a new 80-bed facility in the Bronx to provide housing and health services to people experiencing homelessness. Overall, the mayor’s office said more than 350 of the 500 beds included in the subway plan would be online this week.

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