/Marburg virus outbreak: Ebola's dangerous cousin | USA TODAY

Marburg virus outbreak: Ebola's dangerous cousin | USA TODAY

The World Health Organization has confirmed two cases of the deadly Marburg virus disease in Ghana. Here’s what to know about the Ebola relative.

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Ghana has confirmed the first two fatal cases of Marburg virus disease, a deadly infliction in the same family as the Ebola virus. The two patients died in the same hospital in late June and their tests, which came up positive on July 1, were confirmed later by a lab in Senegal. The life-threatening virus is highly contagious, and has no known cure or approved vaccine. Here’s what you need to know about the symptoms, spread and treatment for the Marburg virus disease.

Marburg virus disease, or MVD is a serious, often fatal disease. The virus causes a severe viral hemorrhagic fever, according to the World Health Organization. It was first detected in 1967 during twin outbreaks in Marburg and Frankfurt, Germany, and Belgrade, Serbia.

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