/Trump seen leaving Trump Tower amid search at Mar-a-Lago | USA TODAY

Trump seen leaving Trump Tower amid search at Mar-a-Lago | USA TODAY

Republican leaders took to social media to condemn the FBI search, calling it “weaponized politicization.”

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As the pro-Trump crowd swelled, five police cars were parked surrounding the estate, and officers from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and local police were present as well. A West Palm Beach officer told The Palm Beach Post that it was very peaceful and there were no incidents after a few hours of the protesters being there.

Protestors occasionally chanted in front of Mar-a-Lago, a few times saying “We want Trump” in unison. They yelled toward cars passing by, saying that there was nothing to indict Trump with and that the FBI is a “joke.”

“This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen or heard in my lifetime as an American,” one protestor yelled into the small crowd. “Where is the law inside all of this?”

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